Short Films

We are an award-winning, skilled and creative production company that helps organisations, channels and agencies tell their stories in a short and meaningful framework so that it can easily connect with the audience. We design, fabricate, storyboard, write, shoot, direct and produce. In short: We create films people remember, use and want to share. Simply put, we are a collection of minds on a mission to tell stories. Our mission is not only to bring originality and quality to our clients, but also to inspire and leave an impact on our audience.

Short film is like oxygen to new ad film makers who don't have big contacts, or big budgets or big stars but they have great content.

Short film are a way for new filmmakers to mark their identity in festivals and follow their dreams. Our company produced a short film Billu'sFlight which got many awards in international and national film festivals. We got more than 14 selections in different festivals and it still continues. So for the new film makers or writers who want their film to be screened in international film festivals, just get your script to us and we will help you execute it.

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