Line Production

As line producers, we take charge of all aspects of the physical production of films. We do all the budgeting including crew salaries, equipment rentals, insurance, costume, set design, location costs etc.

If you are looking for the best line production support in India, you just need to share your script with us and leave the rest to our team. As per the genre our team puts together a technical team as well as some of the best teams and HODs for casting, styling, set designs and execution.

Our team also handles major concerns like Location permissions, Lodging, Boarding, Ticket reservation etc. We also take responsibility of post-production processes like Editing, Graphics, Background Music, Mixing, and ancilliary services like applying for the Censor Certificate, Subtitling work etc. In short we are one-stop-solution for movie production and post production services.

For amateurs

For anyone who wants to make their dream feature film, we encourage you to bring your script/concept/idea to us. We have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to help you execute everything and make your dream come true.

Our work doesn't have any geographical boundaries. We have the experience of doing projects in USA,Thailand and in every state of India.

No matter where ever you are, if you have dream of shooting your movie in any part of the world, we at Pushing Partners will guide you on how to go about everything as we have a collaboration with the best local coordinators in each state.

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