Pushing Partner Pictures has been formed with a single point mission to emerge as one of the strongest providers of production-related services. We are capitalising on the excellent infrastructural advantage, providing high- quality services with a determined process of achieving customer satisfaction thereby setting newer standards of quality and after sales services, with the help of its immensely resourceful, talented and dedicated personnel, who have pledged their commitment of the highest level of excellence and innovation. We have hub of an excellent pool of locations that our team scouts and will offer you with a great presentation covering all aspects of the location that matches all the needs and essentials of our clients and association. • Line Production Services is the core; especially we at Pushing Partner Picture specialized in arranging film shoot all over India! • We Monitor the budget and production schedule and revising the schedule and controlling expenses to keep the film on time and within budget
• Answers to the studio and acts as a mediator between the crew and the producer.
• Approves or denies additional expenses.
• Helps director reach his artistic vision for the film.
• Deals on with location crises