Notes From the Field

Measles Outbreak — Central Ohio, 2022–2023

Elizabeth C. Tiller, MSPA; Nina B. Masters, PhD; Kelley L. Raines, MPH; Adria D. Mathis, MSPH; Stephen N. Crooke, PhD; Rebecca C. Zwickl, MPH; Gavin K. French; Emily R. Alexy, MPH; Elizabeth M. Koch, MD; Naomi E. Tucker, MPH; Elizabeth M. Wilson; Tiffany S. Krauss, MSN; Erica Leasure, MS; Jeremy Budd; Laurie M. Billing, MPH; Courtney Dewart, PhD; Kara Tarter, MPH; Kristen Dickerson, PhD; Radhika Iyer, MPH; Alexandria N. Jones, MS; Katia C. Halabi, MD; Matthew C. Washam, MD; David E. Sugerman, MD; Mysheika W. Roberts, MD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2023;72(31):847-849. 

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Abstract and Introduction


On November 5, 2022, Columbus Public Health, Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health were notified of two children aged 2 years who were admitted to a central Ohio hospital with rash, fever, cough, and congestion, suggestive of measles. Both children were undergoing medical evaluation and treatment for other etiologies before measles was considered in the differential diagnosis. Neither child had received measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and neither had known contact with a person with measles. Each patient subsequently received a positive measles real-time reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test result. Neither child had traveled internationally, but during June 12–October 8, 2022, four internationally imported measles cases had been confirmed among unvaccinated Franklin County, Ohio residents who had traveled to areas in East Africa where measles outbreaks were ongoing.[1] Investigation of the U.S.-acquired measles cases identified additional measles cases, and local and state health departments confirmed a community outbreak on November 9, 2022. During this community measles outbreak in central Ohio, 85 locally acquired measles cases were confirmed with rash onsets during October 22–December 24, 2022; however, no definitive link to the previous international importations was established. The outbreak was declared over on February 4, 2023, 42 days (two measles incubation periods) after the last reported case.